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2016 - 2017 Volunteer Deposit / Hours Requirements

Volunteer Hours Requirement & Volunteer Deposit Check

  • Termite
    • $90 volunteer deposit paid with registration
    • 6 volunteer hours
  • Supermite
    •  $135 volunteer deposit paid with registration
    • 9 volunteer hours
  • Youth (Squirt/10U and above)
    • $210 volunteer deposit paid with registration
    • 14 volunteer hours

Families with multiple players will be responsible for the volunteer deposit amount designated for each child, with a family max deposit of $315.  Families with mulitiple skaters will be required to complete the designated volunteer hours for the child registered at the highest level and 6 extra hours for each additional child. 

A check for Volunteer Deposit post dated 3/1/2017 must be turned in to DCYH prior to your skater's first practice for the 2016-17 season for them to be allowed to participate.

Checks will not be cashed unless the hours are not fulfilled by the end of the season. Volunteer deposits will only be returned if ALL hours are completed and you pick them up at the annual board meeting in April.  All others will be destroyed.  All volunteer hours will be posted on our website under DIBS throughout the season for you to claim to fulfill your hours.