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No samples for sizing will be available this year for clothing. 

All items are no returns or no exchanges. 

Items are available for sale when the concession stand is open.  (Supermite, Termite, youth games, high school games, Sundays for 4v4).  


All items available for purchase in the concession stand. Cash or Credit.

Fitted Ball Caps Sizes youth OR small/med OR lg/xlarge  $20

Snap Back Caps $20

Insulated mug with 1 free concessions fill $25

Earrings $12

Wildcat sticker 8”x10” $10

decals (assortment of images) $5

helmet stickers/flag $5.  (how to:  cut around image, take off backing, apply to helmet, rub out bumps, remove top paper cover).  

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you.  Amy Bebee text 507-288-3335 or email