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DC Director of Hockey

Director of Hockey: May '17 Report

2016-2017 DCYH Tryouts

The DCYH Season is upon us!  Boys and Girls are sharpening their skates and skills in preparation for the new season. As Director of Hockey, I will be leading the tryout process from beginning to completion. Great care is being taken to provide every opportunity for participation. Tryouts will be thorough and fun to watch. I have been on both sides of making the team and not making the team and emotions have been those of highs and lows. What I remember most is the calm my dad showed while I received notice from my tryouts. His support, no matter what, helped me understand that outcomes are a part of learning and growing.  Best Wishes to Every Player, Jeff Bolin

Dodge County Youth Hockey

DCYH Director of Hockey- Jeff Bolin

Jeff Bolin

Jeff Bolin

DCYH Director of Hockey

Phone: 507-990-3565

Planning and Hockey Operations for all levels of DCYH

Player Development:                                                                             Every child is at a set point in their development. Our primary purpose is to help every player move this point along by providing instruction and assistance. To be successful, we will make our purpose clear, make it fun, grow as a team, & repeat this often. 

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