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DIBS Information

2022-2023 Volunteer Deposit & DIBS Hours Requirements


DCYH is a volunteer run association of parents. Our parents are encouraged to be involved in parts of making the association run. ‘DIBS’ are measured in volunteer hours and are required by each hockey family. The commitment varies by level of play:

Level of play 

Volunteer Hours 

Volunteer Deposit 













Add'l Child  $250   


Options for payment: 

1. Enter online payment info.  If DIBS not completed by March 1st then will be charged $500.00.  Must complete all DIBS hours, no exceptions.  

2. Check payment $500.00 to DCYH dated 3/1/2023.  Will be cashed if all DIBS hours not completed.

3.  DIBS buyout $500.00 paid in full at time of registration if you plan to NOT work DIBS.  (multiple children hours and $ still apply). 

Multi-Skater Family Discount

The intent of DIBS isn’t to make people work a lot of hours, but instead to encourage a lot of people SHARE the work. Families with more than one skater get a discount. DIBS is set at the highest level of play, and 6 hours for each additional skater. For example:

#Skaters @
Level of Play 


DIBS Discounted

1 @ U12 



1 @ PeeWee 


1@ Supermite 






Total DIBS deposit for any family is maximum $1000.

Earn DIBS hours through the following association duties:

  • Working Concessions - Aug-Mar
  • Family Fun Night Volunteer - Oct
  • DCYH Events to celebrate Hockey Day MN - Feb
  • DCYH Capital investment improvement projects - Sept-Mar
  • Coaching - Oct-Mar
  • Team Parent - Oct-Mar
  • DCYH Board Member - Year Round
  • DIBS master - Sept-Mar
  • DCYH Web master - Aug-April
  • Registrar - Aug-Mar
  • Fundraiser Coordinator(s) - Aug-Mar
  • Concessions Manager - Year Round
  • Vending Manager - Year Round
  • Jersey Coordinator - Aug-Mar
  • Equipment Coordinator - July-Mar


  • Cards will be charged 3/1/2023

Any questions, please contact

DIBS Manager: Thomas Hain

Board Directors: Nate Burgess and Amy Bebee