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Director of Hockey Job Description

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Dodge County Youth Hockey Association

Director of Hockey Operations 2020-2021

(Job Description)


The DCYH Director of Hockey Operations (the “Hockey Director”) will work closely with the DCYH coaches and Board of Directors to develop and execute our hockey programs and player development strategy to provide the best hockey experience for the DCYH families.  The DCYH Hockey Director will have day to day responsibility for the association’s Player Development Strategy.

The DCYH Hockey Director will report to the Hockey Operations/ Oversight Committee comprised of the following board members (with support as necessary by any Board Member(s)):  

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Level Coordinators
    • Bantam Level Coordinator
    • Peewee/ U12 Girls Level Coordinator
    • Squirt/ U10 Girls Level Coordinator
    • Mite Director    

The DCYH Director of Hockey Operations will have the following roles in DCYH:

  1. Oversee pre-season and in-season hockey development for both the girl’s and the boy’s programs.  
    1. This includes designing an in-season practice progression for all age and skill levels of play.
    2. Organize and oversee pre-season camps which may include the hiring of outside vendors within the budgeted amounts.
    3. Organize and oversee in-season hockey development sessions which may include the hiring of outside vendors within the budgeted amounts.
    4. Provide advice to coaches regarding practice plans to deal with specific situations; and 
    5. Attend 2-3 practices of each team for age levels above Mite/8U to observe and provide an independent evaluation of both players and coaches.    
  1. Oversee tryouts for all levels of play above Mite/8U.
    1. Develop a tryout plan for each level in collaboration with the Level Coordinators.
    2. Source and hire/engage independent evaluators for each level.
    3. Work closely with the Hockey Operation/ Oversight Committee to execute the tryout plan and ensure that tryouts are run in an efficient and unbiased manner that minimized player and parent angst.
    4. Work with Level Coordinators to determine appropriate level of play
    5. Be the primary point of contact for parent inquiries regarding tryouts.
  2. Oversee coaching development.
    1. Organize pre-season and in-season coach development sessions
    2. Be a resource to coaches regarding practice plans by providing ideas, drills and execution of the skill progression for each level.
    3. Consult with the Level Coordinators on programs and issues that arise with respect to coaching and between coaching staff members. 
    4. Although the Hockey Director will not be the primary point of contact for issue between coaches on a coaching staff, the Hockey Director will work with the Level Coordinators on these issues because they affect the development of our players. 
    5. Source and hire/ engage both parent and non-vested coaches.
  3. Coordinate hockey development efforts with the boys and girls high school hockey coaches.
  4. Serve as the primary point of contact for both coaches and parents regarding inquires with respect to hockey development issues.
  5. Consultation regarding parent/coaching complaints.
    Although the Hockey Director will not be the primary point of contact for parent complaints with respect to parent conduct, playing time, or coaching. Such complaints/inquiries should be made by completing an online grievance form and will be reviewed by the Discipline Committee and as appropriate, DCYH Board Members. The Hockey Director will consult with and play a part in resolving such issues because they are integral to the successful development of DCYH players and teams.  
  6. The Hockey Director will not be the following:
    1. The primary point of contact for SafeSport issues; the Safe Sport Coordinator is the primary contact for this
    2. Primarily responsible for goalie development; however, the Hockey Director will interact with the DCYH Director of Goalie Development regarding hockey development issues as they arise and will provide general guidance to the DCYH Board regarding goalie development.
    3. The primary point of conduct for issues related to registration and certification
    4. The primary contact related to inquiries related to early move ups

Base compensation for this position is $10,000 plus performance-based incentives of additional $5,000.  For more information, or to apply contact DCYH President Travis Bebee 507-208-6152 or email at