Waiver Process (play-out)

Minnesota Hockey Youth Rules and Regulations outline the process for player participation in their community-based amateur hockey program. Section IV. Participation outlines this obligation. 

Sometimes Dodge County Youth Hockey is not able to make a team for every level (i.e. A, B, C) of every Level of Play (i.e. Squirt, 12U, Bantam). Some parents feel their athlete would benefit from playing at the absent level. In this case they may apply for a waiver from their association membership requirements. 

This is a link to the waiver form. Please fill it out and email to terry.lulf@dcyh.org.

Here is an excerpt from that rule book:

IV. PARTICIPATION RULE - Section B: Participation Rule

  1. Players must register and participate with the association whose boundaries incorporate the player’s residence. To participate on any other association's team, the player must obtain a waiver.
    1. All waiver requests must be submitted on a current Waiver Form provided by MH.
    2. The Waiver Form must indicate the reason for the waiver request. (school attendance, opportunity to play on travel team, co-op team, etc.).
    3. The releasing and receiving associations may add conditions or restrictions to the waiver. Conditions must be indicated on the Waiver Form and initialed by all parties executing the waiver.
    4. Waiver Forms must be signed by the releasing and receiving association presidents.
      • After approval by the association presidents, Discretionary Waivers must be submitted to the District Director for approval (both Directors if two Districts are involved).
      • Provide copies of approved Mandatory Waivers to the District Director (both Directors if two Districts are involved). District Director approval is not needed on Mandatory waivers.
    5. Non-Minnesota residents desiring to play for MH must follow the Inter-Affiliate Transfer Protocol.