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Parents Home Game Responsibilities

Parents Home Game Responsibilities (for Squirt and Girls 10U level games and above):


These duties are to be covered by teams parents.

The Team Managers are responsible for arranging coverage for the following key positions for each game:

Roster Book (coach may to do this)/Game Sheet
At home games, collect a sticker from the visiting team for the score sheet. 

Book of score sheets is located in score booth (Extra in concession stand). 

When the game is completed, keep copy of score sheet in this book for your records.  One copy goes to the other coach and 1 goes to the ref. 

 Ipad GameSheet application

Any issues with game sheet or  questions please reach out to Summer Cano.

Locker Room Monitor

Do your Safe Sport-

Safe Sport Coordinator: Derrick Gordon

d. -USA Hockey Screening -

Regulations from the IOC, screening will now be done on the USA Hockey website.  Screening will still be good for 2 years.  If you did the screening for the 2022/23 season it will still be good for 23/24.  

If you have to do screening for this year the cost for it will vary depending on if you have resided elsewhere in the last 7 years.

If you have only lived in the US the cost is $30.00.  If in the last 7 years you have resided in Canada the cost is $75.00.  If in the last 7 years, you have resided anywhere else in the world the cost is $150.00.

Game sheet info

Walk through of game sheet.

Scorekeeper (1 parent):

Use the official Minnesota Hockey score sheets to record all game activity. Follow link below for specific instructions.

Score Clock (1 parent):

Track score, game times, and penalty times. Watch the YouTube videos below to see how the clock at the Dodge County Ice Arena is operated.
Squirt/10U/Peewee/12U - 15 min period length - 1.5 minute minor penalties
Bantams/15U - 15 or 17 minute period (depending on ice time) - 2.0 minute minor penalties
MN Hockey: For periods 12-minutes or less, the minor penalty length shall be 1:00. The minor penalty time shall be 1:30 for more than 12 and less than 17-minute periods and 2:00 for periods 17- minutes in length or greater. Bantam/15U level and up will be 2:00 in penalty time regardless of period length.
The on-ice officials will let you know when major penalties are accessed. Typically 10 minute major penalties are not put on the clock and must be kept separately. Also another player will be selected to serve a 1.5 or 2 minute penalty when 10 minute majors are called. Again, the on-ice officials will help you keep things straight.

YouTube videos on how to operate the scoreboard (a.k.a. clock) at the Dodge County Ice Arena:

Penalty Boxes (2 parents):

Each penalty box must be covered by the home team's parents. Responsible for managing the penalty boxes for the on ice game officials.
Note: If the game is between two DCYH teams. Each team is responsible for covering two jobs each.