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Ice Scheduling

Steve Hovarth

Dodge County Ice Arena Manager - DCYH Ice Scheduler

Phone: 507-634-2222

Looking for Ice with DCYH?

Are you looking to schedule games with Dodge County Youth Hockey Association teams? Please contact Steve Howarth (Howie) at the phone and email links listed above.

DCYH currently has teams at the following levels:

  • Bantam A & B2
  • Pee Wee A & C
  • Girls 12UB2
  • Girls 10UB2
  • Squirt A, B & C
  • Mites

Questions and Answers about DCYH Ice Time.

Q: Is what is on the schedule all the ice/games my child is going to get this season?

A: Practice ice is being scheduled about three weeks out and we are adding games as we hear back from other associations. The budget is figured with each team getting X amount of ice hours and your child’s team/level will get those hours, it may not be predictable from week to week or month to month, but the ice will be there.

Q: Why are the ice hours coming out so sporadic this season?

A: We have the most teams we have ever seen at Dodge County (a good thing as our association is growing) so there is the need to be creative with ice hours. As mentioned, your child will get the ice hours budgeted, but everyone will need to be patient as we work through these hours. We share the ice with the high school teams and their schedules change too, working this all out takes time and creativity. I am thinking that putting the ice schedule out for a shorter period of time and knowing it won’t have to change (at least minimal changes) is more desirable than entering the hours and changing the times/dates multiple times.

Q: How come my child’s team has just now had their first game and other teams have had several games already? Are they going to have their fair share of games?

A: Minnesota Hockey starts gradual with the Bantam A/B and Pee Wee A/B schedules starting two to three weeks earlier than the Squirt or C Bantam/Pee Wee levels. The teams that start earlier also end earlier; this all has to do with the District/Region/State tournaments. While for the most part (with the exception of Bantam B) we are not playing a District schedule, games could not be scheduled any earlier as most Squirt and C levels were not playing games until their District schedule started. We (ice scheduler and coaches) are working hard to assure that each level will be playing their budgeted amount of games this season.

Q: Are the early AM and late PM ice hours going to be spread around so each team does their share of “undesirable” ice times?

A: Yes, the early morning and late evening practices will be distributed amongst the teams (Squirts will likely not have late weeknight ice, but Pee Wee and Bantams team will). Note that there are days that all teams are out of town or at games so the same team may be early two weeks in a row, some of this is unavoidable due to games and tournaments. But I will do my best to mix it up so all teams skate the “undesirable” times.