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Girls 12U A

Regular Season 2014-2015
2014-2015 x Regular Season

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Coaches and Team Managers

Tim Fagerlind

Head Coach

Phone: 507-273-1646

Tim Ludvigsen

Assistant Coach

Jeremy Schubert

Assistant Coach

Phone: 507-259-1794

Sean Kelly

Assistant Coach

Phone: 507-202-1104

Jen Smith

Team Manager

Phone: 507-319-3596

Girls 12U News

Goalie Development Monday

11/08/2014, 8:45am CST
By Dan Dale

Goalie Development Monday:

All goalies in the association will receive 2.5 hours of ice every Monday to work specifically on goalie development.  These sessions will run congruently with the Skills Day so please attend 2/3 of the Monday sessions.  Session 2 will be run by the HS goalie coach and focus on individual goalie skills. Here is a schedule to follow:

Session 1: Squirt A, Squirt B, Squirt C(2), U10(2) Goalies.

Session 2:  All DCYH Goalies.

Session 3:  PeeWee A, PeeWee B(2), U12, Bantam A, Bantam B Goalies.

Skills Day and OMC Treadmill

11/08/2014, 8:45am CST
By Dan Dale

Skills Day:  Skills Day is a development program focusing on individual skills such as skating, shooting, passing, and puck handling.  These sessions are being run by the two Dodge County HS hockey coaches with the assistance of your child's regular season coaches and some special guests, including HS Wildcat players and Rochester Ice Hawk players.

OMC Treadmill:  Much like skills day, the OMC treadmill will also focus on the development of your child's individual skill sets including skating, shooting, passing, and stick handling.  Your child will be exposed to the newest advanced training tools including a skating treadmill and synthetic ice.  These session are being run completely by the professional staff at the Olmsted Medical Center.  Please note, there is no goalie development at OMC so all goalies will report to the Monday Goalie Development Program every Monday. If your child is a goalie and their team has OMC training on a day other than Monday, they do not need to go to OMC.