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Mite Hockey

Mite Hockey Begins the first Saturday of Novermber
Almost all our practices will be at the same time on Saturdays. (Supermites will vary the 1-2 other days.) This may change a bit on weekends when there's a tournament at the rink or over the holidays. Get in the habit of checking the calendar on the web page often. You can "tag" which teams you want to see on your calendar to make it easier (i.e. Termites). If you are a smart phone user with a calendar, you can sync the calendar to your phone using Ical. After you set your tags on the DCYH calendar, below the calendar, click on "Ical" for the link to use to import into your smart phone calendar. 
Your child will need to be fully equipped except shoulder pads and mouth guards are optional for termites. This means: skates, shin pads, breezers (hockey pants), elbow pads, shoulder pads, gloves and a helmet with a face mask. A water bottle and socks with a garter belt is recommended (socks help them get back up when they fall). Low pony tails, headbands or thin caps for the girls are helpful.
You can get equipment from DCYH (First Come First Serve) check calendar for equipment fitting dates.  It is recommended to get skates sharpened every 5-10 uses. It has a big effect on how your child can skate. The DC Pro Shop (810 E. Veterans Memorial Hwy) in Kasson will sharpen skates, the rink manager at the rink, as well as Sports Headquarters and Scheels in Rochester. We recommend wearing sweat pants or athletic pants and a long sleeve t-shirt, wick away long sleeve  or a sweatshirt. Believe it or not, your kids will get hot out there. Every child will receive a jersey to keep (supermites will get socks too). We hope to have these ready on the first day or shortly there after.
Termites won't need sticks for the first couple practices. Supermites should bring one. For termites, we recommend a straight stick (no curve). For Supermites, please talk to one of the coaches if you don't have a stick yet. The stick should go up to your child's nose when they have their skates on. Here are two videos on how to tape the stick and the grip:
On the first day of hockey it can be a little chaotic. Please check in at the front table. We are going to have coaches, volunteers, and hockey players there. If you are new, we will guide you to show you where to go.  Normally when you walk into the arena, check the TV to your right. This will let you know which 2 locker rooms you are assigned to. Please use these to get your child dressed as the main lobby will get busy. 
When you signed up for hockey you may remember that you agreed to do volunteering or pay a cash buyout/donation. You will find volunteer opportunities on the DCYH web page under DIBS. Examples are: working the concession stands, helping for tournaments, helping at skate fittings, etc. Once the older kids' games are scheduled in November, there will be more opportunities (there may be very few now). If you do not complete all your hours you will be charged on March 1st at the end of season.  If you choose not to volunteer you will pay in full at registration.  
Required for all players.  Please see fundraiser page for more information on the DCYH website:
We are in need for a team manager for Termites (1) and Supermites. (one for each team)  Job entails helping with pictures and handing out pictures, organizing an end of the year party or gift, etc.  Please contact team manager coordinator:  Sarah Cunico if interested.