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Official's Page

Jared Oscarson

Officals Director

DCYH Players, Coaches, Spectators, and Fans,

Dodge County Hockey is looking for those who are interested in learning the other side of hockey. Players; as an official, you will have the opportunity to fine tune your skating skills and become a better player; coaches: you can take this opportunity to better understand the rules of the sport to better teach your players; spectators, fans, and parents: being on official will help give you a better understanding of the game when you are in the stands watching and wondering why something you see doesn’t get called, or called differently than you see it. For everyone, it’s a chance to give back to the sport of hockey and to the Dodge County Youth Hockey Association, and will give you a few extra dollars in your pocket.

The role of an official, is that that of enforcing the rules and maintaining the order of the game.

·         Know how, or be able and willing to learn to skate

·         Get registered with USA Hockey. Online at, register as an official.

·         Register for an instructional seminar. Online at or

·         Contact the DCYH officials coordinators at email address to be included in the assigning of games

As an official, you will be required to have black pants, a black helmet with a half shield, a whistle, and skates. A solid pair of black nylon warm-up pants makes a great started pair; Wal-Mart and Target both sell them reasonably priced. Play it again could probably have a used black helmet to get you started.

As an official with USA Hockey and Minnesota Hockey, you will become certified to officiate youth hockey games. There are many questions you might have regarding what it takes to become an official, but many of you have seen officials at work. 

As a new official, we will schedule you games with an experienced mentor to help you work your games. The association will use evaluators to help you understand your role as an official. As an official, you will be able to make a little bit of extra money for all those things you’ve been wanting.

Become a hockey official today!!

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, feel free to contact the DCYH Officials Commissioner:

USA Hockey Links for On Ice Officials