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Dodge County Youth Hockey Fundraising

2021-2022 Fundraising Requirements

Fundraising is a vital function of the DCYH program.  The proceeds generated  are crucial in keeping costs affordable.  All skaters are required to participate in a youth hockey fundraiser or pay a buy-out fee determined by DCYH.

Fundraiser Requirements/Options

Each skater must complete one of the following options by December 1st, 2021 and there is no pro-rating, which means you can't sell half of the pizza requirement and then pay half of the cash buyout requirement to meet a full requirement for one skater.*

  1. Pizza Sales (More Information): Sell $400.00 in merchandise starting November 1st 
  2. Cash Buyout: $200.00 (checks will be deposited on December 1st)
  3. Kwik Trip Ultimate Car Wash Cards (More Information): Sell $468.00 (13 total cards (5 washes per card))
  4. Kwik Trip Gift Cards (More Information)Sell/Buy $4000 in cards 

*For families with multiple skaters, each skater over 2 will receive a 50% discount on their buyout unless all children are doing one of the above fundraisers then it's 50% of the required amounts above.  See example below:

Example: Smith family has three children participating in DCYH.

  • Child #1: Bantam, Family sells $400 in pizza.
  • Child #2: 12U, Family sells $468 in Kwik Trip Ultimate Car Wash Cards
  • Child #3: Termite, Family does buyout for $100 (50% of buyout option on child #3)