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Dodge County Youth Hockey Fundraising

2023-2024 Fundraising Requirements

Fundraising is a vital function of the DCYH program.  The proceeds generated  are crucial in keeping costs affordable.  All skaters are required to participate in a youth hockey fundraiser or pay a buy-out fee determined by DCYH.

Fundraiser Raffle

**Raffle tickets MUST be picked up and paid for PRIOR to tryouts (or first 2 days of Mites practices)**

Pickup Dates at the Rink:

Raffle tickets for sale with cash only prizes:

Cash prizes are as follows:

1st - $2,500

2nd - $1,000

3rd - $1,000

4th - $1,000

5th - $500

6th - $500

7th - $500

8th -$500

9th - 19th - $100

20th - 24th - $50

25th - 30th  - $25

Each player will sell 15 tickets for $20 each=  total of $300.  Need to purchase the tickets and then sell.  No multi-player discounts. You will pay for tickets upon pick up and collect money as tickets are sold.

 All ticket stubs must be returned by December 10, 2024 to be included for the drawing on December 16, 2024. 

Place ticket stubs in the DCYH mailbox at the rink any time between now and December 10, 2024.  

Please DO NOT REMOVE the staple on the ticket stubs.

Write clearly on the ticket stub so we can contact the winners!


Summer Cano

Raise Right

Greetings Dodge County Youth Hockey Members!


We hope that the off season is treating you and your families well.  The regular season may be over, but it is never too early to start planning for next year!


We are excited to share with you that DCYH has now joined RaiseRight to offer a new fundraising opportunity for our families to subsidize the costs of participating in hockey.  


What is RaiseRight?

RaiseRight is a gift card fundraising program (also known as scrip fundraising for those of you who are familiar with this approach).  Participants can place an order for gift cards (with both physical and electronic options) to use on everyday purchases (or for gifts) and will accumulate cash back rewards on their account.  These accumulated funds may then be applied towards your hockey registration costs each season.  Members who have used this program for other sports or associations have had positive experiences with it and praise how easy it is to use.


How do I join RaiseRight?

In order for your funds to be applied towards your DCYH account, you need to enroll in RaiseRight under the Dodge County Youth Hockey Association account.  Below are the steps you can use to enroll:


Option 1: Navigate to and click "Join a Program".  Follow the prompts to create an individual account to get started.


Option 2: Navigate to  Click the "Sign Up" button in the upper right hand corner.  In the left hand pane under "Join an existing program", enter the following enrollment code: 4ULXDLGQ8J38 and click "Join a Program".  Follow the prompts to create an individual account to get started.


Do I have to join RaiseRight?

No.  RaiseRight is an optional fundraising opportunity for individual families to participate in to accumulate cash rewards to subsidize the annual registration costs for hockey.  An individual family is not required to participate.  However, we encourage all families to create an account and check out the gift card options.  Many can be used for everyday purchases, travel, or gifts.  Reward amounts vary by card and there are daily bonuses or deals on cards.  Rewards can be accumulated throughout the entire year to be applied to the next hockey season.  (FYI, with this being the first year, rewards will be accumulated only over the Spring/Summer of 2023 to be applied to the 2023-2024 season and subsequent years will have the entire year [e.g. Fall of 2023 through Summer of 2024] to be applied to the following year).


How can I learn more about RaiseRight?

The first step is to join!


We will also be working to put out future communications to help you learn more and answer common questions.  As we learn more, we will make sure to share information and opportunities with you!


As a first step, here are a few resources links to get you started.


RaiseRight Overview: RR Overview copy (

Shop & Earn with gift cards: RR Shop&Earn copy (


Hear about the benefits of gift card fundraising:


How to Get Started as a Participant: 

Start Earning as a Participant • RaiseRight


10 Everyday Ways to Earn with Gift Cards:

10 Everyday Ways to Earn with Gift Cards (


How to Get Rewards on Top of Earnings with Reloadable Gift Cards:


Please feel free to reach out to us with questions:

Treasurer (and your current RaiseRight Coordinator):

DCYH Board: