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Dodge County Youth Hockey Fundraising

2022-2023 Fundraising Requirements

Fundraising is a vital function of the DCYH program.  The proceeds generated  are crucial in keeping costs affordable.  All skaters are required to participate in a youth hockey fundraiser or pay a buy-out fee determined by DCYH.

Fundraiser Raffle

Raffle tickets for sale with cash only prizes:

 Each player will sell 15 tickets for $20 each=  total of $300. 00  Need to purchase the tickets and then sell.  No multi kid discount. You will pay for tickets upon pick up and collect money as tickets are sold.

 All ticket stubs must be returned by January 9th to be included for the drawing on January 14th. 

Place ticket stubs in the DCYH mailbox at the rink any time between now and January 9th.  

Please DO NOT REMOVE the staple on the ticket stubs.

Write clearly on the ticket stub so we can contact the winners!


Summer Cano

You could win VIP tickets to the 2022 Premier League Mornings Live Fan Fest in Philly!HOW TO ENTER