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Kwip Trip Fundraiser

Kwik Trip Fundraiser

Kwik Trip Fundraiser:


DCYH once again will be offering the Kwik Trip Car Wash or Kwik Trip Gift Card Fundraiser as one of your DCYH fundraiser options. Each DCYH player is required to participate in one of the DCYH fundraisers. 

Each player will need to purchase/sell 13 car wash cards ($468 total) or $4,000 of Kwik Trip Gift Cards. I will be placing 5 orders this year (two in the summer!) to help families spread out their burden (split orders for gift cards only).

Orders will be due by the following dates (in the rink drop box):

· June 15

· July 15

· September 30

· October 31

· November 30.

You will need to include a pre-sell car wash sheet or gift card sheet with each order and your skaters name and level must be on the form, along with your first and last name AND E-mail contact information. Payment must accompany the forms, checks are made payable to DCYH. I will confirm order receipt from Kwik Trip via email and communicate a time at the rink for orders to be picked up.

[Any orders received after the due date will be placed with the next batch's order (except the last one). Orders typically take about a week to arrive. I will try to plan one evening at the rink per order for pickup.]


You will ONLY submit one check for the total amount. Individual payments will be made to the DCYH family that is selling, as has been done with the pizza sales in the past.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

Nick Engdahl