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Team Manager

Team Manager Coordinator

Sarah Cunico



1. You’re the team manager!  Thanks for volunteering!  Team managers receive 9 DIBS hours.  If more than one manager, divide the hours.  

Please email DCYH team manager coordinator ( with your name and team.  

Attend the team manager meeting.  Info will come from coordinator. 

a.Email your team.  Log in to your DCYH account.  Click on Messages (an envelope) on the top.  Click "Send A Message".  Select your group.

b.Let webmaster know you are team manager so he can give you access to set up and edit your team page at

c. Do your Safe Sport-

Safe Sport Coordinator: Derrick Gordon

d. -USA Hockey Screening -

As most of you are aware MN Hockey will not be doing background screening.  With the new regulations from the IOC, screening will now be done on the USA Hockey website.  Screening will still be good for 2 years.  If you did the screening for the 20/21 season it will still be good for 21/22.  

If you have to do screening for this year the cost for it will vary depending on if you have resided elsewhere in the last 7 years.

If you have only lived in the US the cost is $30.00.  If in the last 7 years you have resided in Canada the cost is $75.00.  If in the last 7 years, you have resided anywhere else in the world the cost is $150.00.


2.Tournaments (for 2021-2022 this has been done by selected board members)

a. If not on your team calendar, Give details to Treasurer (Kristi Swanson) and Howie (rink manager): Enter dates into your team calendar.  Treasurer will pay tournament fee and gate fee (if any).  DCYH will pay $2,500 per team for the regular season tourneys (use it or lose it) plus the registration fee only for districts/regions/state tourneys.  Anything additional needs to be paid by the team.  Give these checks to the Treasurer or place into DCYH drop box at the rink.  

b.The registrar will email you the approved USA Hockey roster when it's complete.  Email this to the tournament’s coordinator when that is complete.  They will email you eventually and request this.

c.Reserve a block of rooms at a hotel (if needed) and party room (optional) and email info to team

d.Coordinate a hotel pot-luck or team meal (optional)

e. If your team goes on to Districts, DCYH will pay the registration fee, the team will be responsible for the gate fees.

    3. Scheduling Meeting

      a.  Attend district game scheduling meeting (coaches may do this).  This should be posted on the DCYH calendar.  Your registration fee covers a certain number of games per level.  See registration for this.

Notify: with your name and team affiliation.  (She is the D9 statistician).

      b.  Give the game schedule to the ref coordinator, Jared Oscarson at and enter them on your team calendar.

     c.  Any changes to this schedule or cancellations. 

**Email as soon as possible - This will notify the dibsmaster, concession stand, the arena, and referees.

Please see document below for ice scheduling information at Dodge County Arena. 

4. Parent Meeting

a.Plan date/time for team parent meeting with coach

b.At meeting pass around contact information for corrections.  Create a public team contact list with phone numbers.  Email this to team for cancellations, carpooling, emergencies, etc. 

c. This would be a good time to find out what each player is planning on doing for fundraising. (Pizza sales, Kwik Trip, or buy out)

5. Jerseys/Socks

a.Get home and away jerseys from Jersey Coordinator (Tracy Coshenet)

b.Distribute jerseys to team based on size of jersey/player

c.Record jersey numbers for roster

d.Give jersey numbers to Registrar (Lindsay Meyer) ASAP

e.Collect when season is done, wash and return to Jersey Coordinator.


a.Remind team of pictures and email them details.  See order form below. 

b.Help photographer on team picture day

c.Hand out pictures to team when photographer gets them 

7. Roster Book (coach may to do this)

a.Let Registrar (Lindsay Meyer) know if there are any team roster additions or changes immediately.  

b.Obtain roster book from Registrar with official team roster and roster stickers before the first game

c.Bring this book to every game and tournament (very important)

d.When at away games, a sticker needs to go to the team’s coach or team manager for the score sheet.  At home games, collect a sticker from the visiting team for the score sheet.  Book of score sheets is located in score booth (Extra in concession stand).  When the game is completed, keep copy of score sheet in this book for your records.  One copy goes to the other coach and 1 goes to the ref.  When you are getting low on stickers, please let Lindsay Meyer know.  

8. Game Days

a.Schedule 4 people per home game.  If you prefer, create a Google Doc and save it on your team page.  

i.2 penalty box – open/close door for players when a penalty is called.  Parents are to remain unbiased.

ii.1 score sheet – enter goals, shots on goal and penalties and period they occurred.  Run music (optional)

iii.1 score board – run the clock and enter scores/penalties.  Information on this is located in parent’s section of website

b. When traveling for games, check other team’s website calendar to verify time and rink location.  Once in a while the time may differ from our calendar.  Some teams have more than one rink.  Email details to team. 

c. Scores

i.Report scores to District 9 statistician for district games only (not pick-up games, scrimmages or tournaments).  

ii.Format is available each year in District 9 Operations Manual at 

see page 13 

iii.Enter scores onto your team’s webpage online or use your smart phone Sports Engine app

d. Create a schedule for Gatorade/drinks/treats for games to be brought by parents (optional).  Again, Google Drive on your team page works well.

e.Create laminated pocket size cards for parents which shows the player and jersey # to help cheer the kids on at games (optional)

9. Locker Room

a.Create a schedule for locker room attendants for each practice.  Document is saved on your team's page on DCYH website.

b.Needs to be one person in locker room whenever kids are in there

c.Needs to be same sex as team (dad’s for boy teams, mom’s for girl teams)

d.  Have your locker room monitors register to be a volunteer using the DCYH website.

e. Each locker room monitor needs to have completed Safe Sport.

10. Fundraiser

Pizza Fundraiser: ??

Kwik Trip: Nick Engdahl

Buyout:  Mail in or drop box at rink.

Pizza Fundraiser

a.Collect Pizza fundraiser packets from ?. 

b.Hand out to parents

c.Communicate instructions and due dates to parents.

d.  Collect order forms and check math is right and all contact info is included on pizza order forms.

f.Hand in order forms and ONE check to DCYH.  On collection day to ??. 

11. End of season party

a.Work with coaches to get end of season award/gift ordered (pucks, t-shirts, medals)

b.Coordinate a party (optional)